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School Direct teacher training across the wider West Midlands

Welcome to the Teach West Midlands School Direct website.

If you are looking for teacher training in the West Midlands and you think that School Direct is the right route to help you get into teaching then this website has been designed to help you find School Direct school providers in the West Midlands area. We hope you find it helpful in your search for the right initial teacher training programme for you.

For more information about our providers please use the links underneath ‘Our Partners’ in the menu above.

Please use the interactive map below to search by postcode for those providers nearest to your location.On the left information pane you will find links to either the relevant schools website or to the site of the umbrella organisation of teaching schools they may be a part of. You can filter results to find Early Years, Primary or Secondary providers in your local area.

      Teach West Midlands Partners

      Chadsgrove Teaching School
      Wilson Stuart
      Britannia Teaching School Alliance
      Hales Valley Teaching School
      Darwin Teaching School Alliance
      The Orchard Teaching School
      Stourport SCITT
      C2C Teaching Alliance
      National Forest Teaching School
      Arthur Terry Teaching School
      Ryders Hayes School

      If you are viewing this website as a school provider of School Direct and are interested in knowing more about the Teach West Midlands Network and being listed here then please email via the contact us form below.

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